The Law Office of Jo Miller, PLLC has been tenaciously representing clients since 1994.  Jo and her team offer professional legal services in the areas of employment law, family law and general civil litigation.  Jo has extensive litigation experience evidenced by twenty years of successes in both state and federal courts. You will find our team to be detailed, thorough, tough  and responsive.

We represent employees of all levels in our employment law cases, from entry level employees to the corner office. We often find ourselves litigating against large international employers and multi-national law firms. Although our clients may feel outnumbered and undersized before they come to us, we never do!

We also represent those employers who want to be proactive.  These are often employers and companies whose outstanding growth has not been matched with updated legal and employee considerations.

Our family law cases vary from the simple to the complex, and everywhere in between.  You will find that our attention to detail is unsurpassed and so important in litigating complicated family matters and intricate property issues.

Likewise, our civil litigation performance is based on our ability to expose the detail that makes a difference in the case and sets us apart from many civil litigation firms.

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